Against all odds, with Scientology they have reached and exceeded 50 years of marriage

Portada-Roberto-Weignberg_ENG_webValencia, Spain. – An exemplary couple married for 50 years, who went through everything that can happen in half a century, including a possible earthly farewell, resolving it with medical help and the application of the spiritual technology of Scientology. And here is the emotional and fascinating story of Edith and Robert, in his own words:

foto 1I’m Robert Weinberger in Torrent, Valencia. I was born in Switzerland in 1935. On March 18, 2014, my wife Edith and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. We got married on March 18, 1964, in Montevideo, Uruguay, and spent the wedding night in Buenos Aires, Argentina. To celebrate the event, we returned last year to Buenos Aires, sleeping in the same hotel as then and March 18, we celebrated in Montevideo, going to an excellent restaurant to eat a fabulous barbecue (see photo 1).

Six years earlier, however, on March 18, 2008, I took my wife to the General Hospital of Valencia. The doctors diagnosed an acute pneumonia. This might have occurred due to the fact that the immune system was gone. In January 2008, Edith was operated for breast cancer. On March 10 she had received the second chemotherapy session.

The worst happened on March 22, the anniversary of our Jewish religious wedding. As I sat on her bed, holding her hand, she said to me with a firm voice, without hesitation, that she has decided not to live any longer. What a piece of news! I asked her if I should inform our children. She said that I should. So I called our son Philip in Switzerland and our daughter Claudia in the United States. I passed the phone to Edith so she could tell our children herself. I, at that time, didn’t know what to comment. I had to respect my wife’s wish, without being in agreement with it.

When I woke up on March 23, Easter Sunday, the Feast of Christian Joy, I remembered having read that COMMUNICATION is the universal solvent of problems. This phrase was written by the American author L. Ron Hubbard. I went to my computer and wrote a short message to all the persons we knew during our marriage and of whom I had an email address. I informed them of Edith’s situation and asked them to send me a few lines of encouragement that I could convey to her. Then I went to the hospital, informing the physicians of the case and requesting that they communicate to Edith that she was not obliged to continue the chemotherapy. They have done so, very tactfully.

In the afternoon, I brought her the first emails, reading the texts and mentioning the names of the senders. She was not very interested to listen to me.

On Easter Monday, March 24, I brought her more messages. Hearing all the kind comments from the people, she became contented. In the afternoon, I went home to fetch more messages. When I read them to her, I observed a twinkle in her eyes.

On Tuesday, March 25, Edith calls me with her cellular at home. She had learned that some local friends were coming to visit her at the hospital and she asked me to bring the wig along so she would be prettier (chemotherapy had left her bald). I brought her the wig and read the latest messages. Finally, she was smiling again (a smile from Edith – a pearl of a woman, my love – per day, is making my day!). In the afternoon, after having received the visit of a friend of ours, she reversed her earlier decision and informs me that, yes, she wants to continue living. What a joy!!!

Wednesday, March 26: the oncologist told her that she could leave the hospital the following day.

Thursday, March 27: Philip steps into the room with some drawings from the grandchildren who were then 7 and 4 years old. The doctors authorize to have dinner in a restaurant. We all sleep at home.

During the following weeks, Edith responded to all messages she had received – more than 100 – thanking for them and informing everybody of the fortunate outcome.

foto 2In July 2014, we visited Philip at his home near Lausanne in Switzerland and Claudia in her office in Manhattan NY. One day, we made a trip to Bay Head in the state of New Jersey (see photo 2).

It was in this room where Mr. Hubbard wrote “Dianetics”, the best book I have read this life. It has been translated into more than 50 languages and it can be bought in more than 100 countries and there are more than 20 million books printed. There must be a good reason for that!

L. Ron Hubbard’s book I like most is called “THE WAY TO HAPPINESS”. I received a free copy in a Church of Scientology.

Health is one thing. Having a job is another. The book “Dianetics” I read it in German during my summer holidays in 1983, in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca, Spain. At that time, I was a realtor in Switzerland, promoting lots and houses to be built in Spain. At the outbreak of the first Gulf War on August, 2, 1990, the real estate business ceased to exist from one day to another. I trained to become a Business Consultant and started practising in Spain for a few years. Finally came the economic crisis we know today in Spain and I had to retrain again.

There is a chapter in “THE WAY TO HAPPINESS” called “BE COMPETENT”. The subchapters are called “LOOK” – “LEARN” – “PRACTICE”.

Looking I discovered that there is a STUDY TECHNOLOGY developed by L. RON HUBBARD. I learned it and I am using it on a daily basis. We give private lessons to Spanish speaking children, teenagers and adults in English, French, German and Italian. The STUDY TECHNOLOGY can be used for any subject. Teachers, parents and children should know it. Life would be far more enjoyable and successful for everybody concerned. You can learn it for free on the Internet. Type in Google: “L. RON HUBBARD – STUDY TECHNOLOGY”.

Do you want a happy life and a marriage that lasts? Then just do it like we did it (see photo 3)


  1. Dianetics (in libraries for free)
  2. The Way to Happiness (in Scientology churches and missions for free)
  3. Study Technology (in for free)

Signed Robert”.

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