Cienciología Hoy, inaugura nueva sección sobre David Miscavige


Se publica nueva sección en la web de Cienciologia Hoy, sobre la vida y logros del Sr. David Miscavige.

Esta sección incluye partes sobre lo que Ronald Hubbard tenía que decir sobre él, además de una parte sobre su dedicación a la Iglesia, su labor humanitaria y la maestría con la que ha guiado y supervisado la imparable expansión que Dianética y Scientology están teniendo en todo el mundo.

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Vitoria Scientology Mission: “We are here to help the whole of Euskadi and surroundings”

Vitoria-Gasteiz (SPAIN). On Saturday October 11, dozens of people gathered to inaugurate the Mission of the Church of Scientology of Vitoria-Gasteiz, in what has been a project of many which has led to a new status within the church and legal wise having now achieved their own registration number in the Register of Religious Entities of the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

Scientologists were thanked by the President of the Basque Parliament and Deputy General Alava, who explained that they were not able to reorganize their agenda due to prior commitments.

After a traditional Basque dances, held the inauguration, by Ivan Arjona, President of the Church of Scientology of Spain, who said:

“Few places have as Vitoria-Gasteiz name and family name… Vitoria has always been historically a strategic location because it is on the shortest path between the central castillian plateau and northern Europe … Another important historical characteristic of the city is its jurisdiction, in which all inhabitants were declared of the same condition, without distinction between nobles and commoners. That’s why the Basque Country, and Vitoria especially, has always been one of the important places of Scientology in Spain. “

Furthermore, Arjona reminded the attendees that “Scientologists … Sigue leyendo